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Senator Braun on MSNBC: "Impeachment has been an orchestrated event from day one."

Senator Braun joined Hallie Jackson on MSNBC Live to discuss the prospect of witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial, the difference between a real court of law and a court of politics, and the media’s bias on what it means to be an impartial “juror.”



“Live witnesses are a double edged sword. If we would agree to witnesses, the Democrats would have to agree to a list of our two or three top witnesses, too. I’m sure that would tank the whole discussion right there.”


“Back when I ran in 2018, I did it because I wanted to weigh in on getting stuff done like USMCA. This has been an orchestrated event from day one. When it comes to making the case for eliminating someone from office, the intent to do that was so intense from the get-go. We’re now seeing it play out as almost a foregone conclusion and that’s why everyone is camped out on both sides.” 


“It’s a political process that everyone is trying to equate to a real court of law but we know that’s not the case. And it begs the question, when you hear our 5 Presidential candidates that are running on the Democratic side saying things like ‘President Trump is disgraceful,’ he shames the office. There’s impartiality lacking there. It cuts both ways.”

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